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Superbia Uniforms is India’s top uniform designer, manufacturer, and supplier based in Kochi, Kerala and Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, with a wide range of institutional, security, healthcare, corporate, industrial, and hotel uniforms. We have expertise in blending a fashion element into the design of uniforms without despoiling the Image and identity of the institution so that it will equally satisfy the aesthetic pleasure of the wearer and the pride and value of the organization.

We intend to cultivate an elegant clothing culture in organizations so that the whole idea of fashion will not be a dream for the masses in their day-to-day life.

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Our Story

Unibia Clothings LLP is the brainchild of three passionate youngsters with more than eight years of experience in fashion designing and the textile industry. They sought to revamp the uninspired image of uniforms attire that typically comes to mind.

We all have worn uniforms since school as little children. But that doesn't necessarily mean we approved of them. Later on in life, uniforms become our professional identity for the majority of us. And because of that, we are mostly left with no choice but to wear uniforms that fail to impress or create a positive impact. These three entrepreneurs wanted to change that perception about uniforms. That's how Superbia Uniforms, a brand-new initiative of Unibia Clothings LLP, was born.

These three young boys gave shape and soul to Superbia Uniforms as an enduring, cost-effective, fashionable, and eco-friendly clothing company brand that we see today. At Unibia Clothings LLP, uniforms are not just a piece of cloth that fades with time but a second identity for its customers to help them stand apart from the crowd. Every inch of Superbia Uniforms is made with the same passion at heart.

Our Vission

Unibia Clothings LLP is on a mission to re-invent the current market scenario of uniforms with premium, classy clothing brands that people can wear with pride and optimism every day. Our team is determined to make Unibia Clothings a synonym for uniforms worldwide.

Our Mission

"Superbia" is a Latin word for "pride". It reflects the global motto of Unibia Clothings. Every inch of Superbia uniforms is designed, crafted, and stitched with the same emotion at heart. With our Superbia brand of uniforms, we are on our way to changing all existing notions about uniforms.

Full Logo of Superbia Uniforms by Unibia Clothings LLP

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